Care Keisahair

Hair extensions are wonderful! They can add length to your hair or a beautiful streak of color. Disappointed in your most recent trip to the salon?  Use extensions to cover up a bad cut, change your hair color, or style your hair differently. With all the glorious things extensions can do, can you return the favor?  Take proper care of your extensions to ensure they'll be around for a while.

1. Wash your extensions- Gently! Your extensions soak up oils naturally produced by your head. This can make your extensions greasy causing fibers to fall out. To wash them, soak in warm water in the bathroom sink. Cover them with a clarifying shampoo and rinse out with cold water. Do not comb or brush extensions when wet as this will strip out hairs from the weft and lead to a shorter product lifespan.

2. Keep them moisturized, especially if you style your extensions often. When your extensions are dry, comb a little bit of leave-in conditioner evenly.

3. Gently untangle dry extensions with a wide tooth comb.

4. Only use hair styling products when your extensions are dry. Never blow dry extensions. You can always put them in when the rest of your hair is dry. Put them on your head when you're done styling your natural hair. This will keep hairs from falling out. If you can, get two sets of the same extensions. Keep one pair "just for curling" and one "just for straightening." This will cut down on style time and damage.

Video Assistant
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